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Stress relief toolkit: 4 tools for fast relief

Centr Team

Stress doesn’t care how busy you are. Stress will strike whenever it damn well pleases – and not always in the ways you think. So how do you put stress back in its box?

With our Stress Relief Toolkit. We’ve packed this kit with practical, quick and effective audio tools to help you relieve stress right now, and build up your stress resilience for the future.

From an emotional weather report to a vagus nerve stimulation exercise (more on that below), this toolkit is designed to help you tackle what stresses you from a variety of angles – because stress isn’t one size fits all.

We’ve unlocked 4 free tools to get you started below. Not a member? Start your free trial to access the full toolkit – which includes more than 20 stress-relieving tools!

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1. Find calm fast: Vagus Nerve Reset

Can’t stop overthinking everything? If so, you’ve probably already out that trying to think yourself out of stress only ends up landing you deeper into stress. Break the cycle by activating your body’s calming control center: vagus nerve exercises will help you override stress and take back control of your breathing and heart rate.

You can do these exercises anywhere (even at your desk).

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2. Sleep better, wake up sharper: Before Bed Routine

Your most powerful tool against stress is quality sleep. Of course, stress likes to think it can control whether or not you get that good night’s rest. Not tonight, stress!

This tool will help you to build a relaxing pre-bed routine, with exercises to calm racing thoughts and ease anxiety. So next time your head hits the pillow, you know you’ve come prepared to win.

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3. Lighten the mental load: Journal Your Thoughts

Sometimes you just need to unload. There’s only so much your nearest and dearest can take, so our tip: get on board the journaling bandwagon. Don’t know what to write? That’s where this tool comes in.

Tune in and we’ll provide journal prompts to write down your thoughts, which can help to ease your mental load and reduce constant anxiety by giving you a daily outlet. Dear diary, we’re feeling more relaxed already…

An icon of a sun hiding behind a cloud.

4. Forecast your feelings: Emotional Weather Report

Grey stress clouds are rolling in, and we could be facing a thunderous outburst… You don’t need a breathing technique, pen or paper, or even a degree in meteorology for this exercise.

All you need to do is tune in and observe your feelings – learning to read your emotional weather patterns so you can be prepared, rather than simply reacting when lightning strikes.


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