A triptych of three low carb meals from the Centr meal plan.
Centr Team

5 low-carb dinners in 30 minutes or less

Centr Team

Considering going low carb? We have five quick low-carb meals to get you started.

While often considered a weight-loss tool, a low-carb diet can have benefits for women during perimenopause and menopause, people with type 2 diabetes, and those who experience bloating.

Whatever your reasons for cutting carbohydrates, it’s crucial that you’re able to maintain your energy levels and stay active. We asked Centr sports dietitian Angie Asche for her three rules to going low carb.


Before you go low, make sure you know the golden rules.

Have more questions about why, how or whether you should go low carb? And will it actually help you lose weight? Angie has the answers in our low-carb guide.

For this starter collection of quick and easy low-carb meals, we’ve hand-picked dinner recipes that will help lower your carb intake while still supporting your fitness goals. To discover more low-carb recipes, start your free trial with Centr today.

Important: Ensure that any low-carb diet you follow is safe. All the recipes here are dietitian approved. If you have any health concerns or you’re using low-carb food to manage a medical condition, be sure to consult a doctor or accredited dietitian before changing your diet.

Creamy Tuscan Chicken with Veggie Mash from the Centr meal plan.

1. Low-carb Creamy Tuscan Chicken with Veggie Mash

Teaming a lean protein like chicken with plenty of color from vegetables will help combat cravings and ensure you’re still getting a good range of micronutrients.

Cajun Fish with Corn Salsa from the Centr meal plan.

2. Cajun Fish with Corn Salsa

Fatty fish provides both protein and fat to help balance out lower carb intake. We’ve fired up the flavor with a Cajun seasoning and grilled salsa.

Carrot, Ginger & Coconut Soup from the Centr meal plan.

3. Carrot, Ginger & Coconut Soup

To put some variety into a high-protein, low-carb diet, you can’t go past this plant-based soup. It’s high in protein thanks to those golden tofu croutons.

Beef, Lime & Cilantro Fajita Bowl from the Centr meal plan.

4. Beef, Lime & Cilantro Fajita Bowl

Just crushed a hot workout? This tasty bowl has the mix of refreshing salad and filling protein you’re looking for.

Zesty Chicken Salad with Blueberries from the Centr meal plan.

5. Dan’s Zesty Chicken Salad with Blueberries

How will you do Dan’s Zesty Chicken Salad: pre-prep for an impressive packed lunch, or whip it up for a quick and nutritious dinner?

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