Centr trainers Ingrid Clay and Luke Zocchi, with dumbbells in hand, are ready for 28 Days Strong.
Centr Team

28 Days Strong: Target your arms & core in 5 mins

Centr Team

Your arm and ab goals just got closer.

Welcome to 28 Days Strong: a series of workout programs designed to deliver targeted strength training and toning in 5-7 minutes a day, and slide seamlessly into your fitness routine.

Get core confident now with 28 Days of Core or – starting July 15 – sculpt your arms from every angle with 28 Days of Arms.

Whether you’re focused on building a strong and stable core or toned and powerful arms, our team of experts – led by Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi – will coach you through every move. Take it on as a short, sharp daily challenge, or stack a session on top of your regular workout, walk, run, ride or swim.

How does 28 Days Strong work?

With our 28 Days Strong program series, we’re making it as easy as possible to consistently work key body targets and achieve your goals.

  • One targeted and effective coached workout every day for 28 days.
  • Stackable and snackable 5-7-minute sessions: add some extra fire to the end of your regular training, or crush a bite-sized workout whenever suits you best.
  • Mix up your workout week with a different trainer and exercises in every session.
  • Workouts are targeted at an Intermediate-Advanced level and will increase in intensity as you progress. Pace yourself and know your limits if you’re a beginner.

Do I need equipment?

We’ve kept the equipment minimal so you can work your arms and core anytime, anywhere.

For 28 Days of Core: Most workouts are bodyweight, with optional light-medium dumbbells in some sessions.

For 28 Days of Arms: You can complete every arm workout with dumbbells – we recommend a light, medium and heavy set. While you can complete the program with just one pair of dumbbells, you will need to use weights that challenge your muscles to see improvements in strength and definition.

Centr trainer Luke Zocchi performs bicep curls with the Centr smart stack adjustable dumbbells.

Don’t have room for a full weight rack at home? Get all the weights you need in one with the Centr Smart Stack 50 adjustable dumbbells.

How will I feel after 28 days?

Over 4 progressive weeks, your trainers will help you take your training and results to the next level.

With a stronger core, you can look forward to:

  • Better balance and stability

  • Improved exercise form

  • Reduced back pain

Increased arm and shoulder strength will lead to:

  • Better functional mobility for everyday tasks

  • Improved bone density

  • Increased grip strength

Both programs will also help to improve posture and boost athletic performance – whether you are lifting weights, running or working on your tennis serve.

Centr trainer Alexz Parvi performs a side plank with arm and leg raised, in the Centr studio gym.

Want to get more from your arms and core? All it takes is 5-7 minutes a day.

Are these the right programs for me?

Yes! The 28 Days programs are for anyone who wants to feel stronger and more confident in just 5-7 minutes a day.

To discover how easy it is to fit a core or arm workout routine into your lifestyle, why not try the first session from each program right now for FREE?

Core engaged? Arms activated? Start your free trial now to get 28 Days Strong with Centr.

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