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Are you a workout stacker & snacker? You should be.

Centr Team

Are you a stacker or a snacker? Whichever you choose, it could take your training and results to the next level.

Workout stacking, also known as fitness stacking, is when you stack multiple workouts back to back. For instance, you might add a 7-minute workout onto the end of a longer training session. Or you could stack several short workouts (say 10 minutes or under) together to make a tailored training session.

Workout snacking is all about fitting bite-sized bouts of exercise into your day, possibly in multiple bursts.

We’ve combined these two approaches to create our stackable and snackable 28 Days Strong workout programs: targeting key muscle groups in just 5-7 minutes per day with 28 Days of Core and 28 Days of Arms.

How to snack & stack workouts

At Centr, we’re big fans of anything that helps you pack more movement into your day. Here’s how snacking or stacking workouts can deliver big benefits.

1. Don’t miss a muscle
You know how it goes: you finish a big workout, but you’re just not feeling the burn in your abs or the pump in your biceps you were chasing. Or maybe you did a lower-body workout, but you're also determined to build core strength.

By stacking a targeted workout finisher onto the end of your session, you double down on any muscles you missed – delivering a more well-rounded workout for an easy win-win.

2. Hit the progress accelerator
When it comes to fitness, most of us are seriously impatient: we want to see results and we want to see them now! One of the best ways to genuinely fast track your progress is by stacking on a little bit extra as consistently as you can.

Enter 28 Days Strong. Whether it’s a 7-minute ab workout or bicep, tricep or shoulder session you stack onto the end of your regular training, that extra, targeted work you’re putting in every day over the space of 4 weeks is going to add up.

A before and after image of Centr Legend David showcasing the results of him competing 28 Days of Core three times through.

Centr legend David after smashing 28 Days of Core 3 times in a row.

3. Trick your brain into exercise
Workout snacking is a great tactic for busy people who can’t find the time, or the motivation, to complete a full-length workout, because even short bursts of exercise can be hugely beneficial for your body and mind.

Have you heard about the ‘5-minute rule’? It’s a cognitive behavioral tool used to overcome procrastination – and it certainly applies if you’re struggling to commit to exercise. Because let’s face it, a 30-minute workout seems like A LOT. But grabbing 5 minutes here or there? When you can see the finish line, it suddenly seems a lot more doable.

4. Try a different kind of stacking
How often have you declared you’re going to get up early to do a workout every morning, only to decide on day three that it’s all a bit too hard? Making a fitness kick stick is all about habit stacking – taking a habit you already have, then stacking a new habit on top of it.

Want to make sure you don’t skip that morning workout? Start with something you already do on autopilot every morning: “After I get out of my PJs, I will get straight into my workout gear.”

Boom! You’re suddenly snacking on a 5-minute workout.

Because the original habit is already built into your brain, the new habit simply becomes an extension of the old one, and you’re far more likely to stick with it.

5. Push off the plateau
You need to challenge your muscles in order for them to grow – and the same goes for your cardiovascular fitness and endurance. That doesn’t mean you need to leap from lifting 2lb weights straight up to 10lb. Just small adjustments, week on week, will push you out of that comfort zone.

It could be as simple as stacking an intense 5-7 minute burner from one of the 28 Days Strong programs onto your regular training. The programs are progressive, so you’ll be working toward bigger and better results as you go.

A before and after image showcasing the results of Centr legend Maya completing both Centr Ignite and 28 Days of Core.

Centr legend Maya after completing both Centr Ignite and 28 Days of Core.

Ready to see the difference 5-7 minutes a day can make?

Whether you choose to stack a 28 Days Strong program onto another workout, or snack on one bite-sized workout a day, the benefits will add up.

It’s easy to get started: all you need is dumbbells and your own bodyweight to try these workouts for free.

  • Let Chris’s personal trainer Luke coach you through a high-energy burner from 28 Days of Core – no equipment required.
  • Grab your dumbbells and join Luke to get your biceps pumping in a 5-minute workout from 28 Days of Arms.

To stack or snack on more workouts, start your free trial with Centr to access the full 28 Days Strong programs.

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