Separate photos of Tiffiny Hall and Michael Olajide Jr. leaning on the ropes of boxing rings.
Centr Team

Boxing for weight loss: why boxing is the fastest way to burn fat

Centr Team

Is boxing a good way to lose weight? What if we told you there was a way to increase your cardio fitness and burn fat without wearing a you-shaped hole into the treadmill?

Anyone who has ever watched a boxing movie knows there is a way, and it involves a pair of gloves and a ring. Okay, so you don’t really need a ring (unless you want to go all out, in which case who are we to stop you?). Adding boxing workouts from Centr expert Michael Olajide Jr. to your training routine could be the spark that lifts you out of a plateau when your progress has ground to a halt.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to fat loss. You often end up falling back into same-old-same-old cardio sessions, otherwise known as “running until you can’t bear it”. While punishing yourself on the treadmill will certainly get you sweating, it can also lead to cranky knees and hips, and the last thing you want is to end up sitting on a bag of frozen peas when you’d rather be training.

So is boxing good for weight loss? Let's find out...

Does boxing burn fat?

Boxing can be a great way to burn calories while keeping your mind agile and your body engaged. It's one of the best training styles to choose if you’re looking for a fat-burning workout, with a recent University of Western Sydney pilot study finding that high-intensity boxing training was a significant way to improve body fat percentage in those looking to lose weight.

It's 10 rounds in one workout

If you’re going full tilt (that is, not swatting at the bag like there’s a mosquito on it), boxing can be considered a high-intensity workout. You’re using your core, upper and lower body in order to create the power to throw punches, which means that you’re building strength while burning calories.

You'll train your mind, heavyweight style

An added bonus of boxing is the mental health benefits. Centr trainer and certified martial arts legend Tiffiny Hall knows all about this. “You can only roll with the punches for so long,” she says. Instead, step up to the bag and let your frustrations fly. Try a 90-second set of jab cross punches. “Punch with purpose,” Tiff says, “snapping the arm out and pulling it back to your chin as fast as you can. Go for power and speed.”

It'll help you punch through your plateaus

Boxing is also a great choice if you’ve been feeling down about your training progress. Even the guy at your gym who looks like He-Man has his off days, and whether you’re trying to break through a weight-loss plateau or just trying to change up your fitness routine, the mental agility and fun of boxing can be just what you need to take it to a new level.

You'll feel like a champ

If all of this hasn’t quite convinced you, there’s also the simple fact that pounding the pads makes you feel like a superhero. Try it, and maybe you’ll hear the Rocky music playing in your ears after a workout, too.


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