Jorge Blanco punches a boxing speed ball in a boxing gym.
Jorge Blanco

Jorge’s biggest secret for achieving results

Jorge Blanco

If you were to ask a CEO, a world-class chef, an elite rowing champion, and a successful pop star how they achieved their success, the single thing that they would each likely say is WORK.

Their careers, skills, and performances didn’t come naturally to them, they had to strive for what they have. And it didn’t happen overnight either. They had to work consistently for years to achieve their goals.

Consistency is the unglamorous, undeniable and unavoidable reality for everyone who wants to permanently improve their lives. Consistency is more powerful than natural talent, it overtakes those who work in short spurts of enthusiasm, and ultimately shapes the person that you are.

Consistency is more powerful than natural talent, it overtakes those who work in short spurts of enthusiasm, and ultimately shapes the person that you are.

Training to compete with the National Olympic Boxing Team, there were days where I felt fantastic. I was excited, energetic, and ready to go. On these days training was easy, enjoyable, and I felt invincible! But on other days it was a grind. I was tired, sore, and felt like everything I was doing was second- rate to my best performances. Despite this, I still turned up. I got the work done, and I did it as best I could.

It was the work I did on these days that enabled me to perform on the international stage successfully. There was no secret trick or strategy.

Consistency is the tool that I used, and it is the tool that you will need to achieve your goals. Use it to improve your health by incorporating exercise into each day. Use it to improve your career by growing your job skills. Use it to strengthen your relationships with your family and friends by spending regular, quality time with them. Use it to build the life you want for yourself.

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The good thing about consistency is that every little bit of work counts. If you could only work out for 10 minutes today, it still counts. If you could only read for five minutes, you’re still taking steps to improve. With consistency, simply showing up each day means that you are better than you were the day before.

We know that the largest barrier to consistency is lack of planning. Take advantage of the meal and exercise planner in Centr and schedule your workouts at times you know you won’t be distracted or tired. Collect ingredients for meals early and have them ready to go in your fridge or pantry.

You have the tools you need to achieve your goals. Your success, ultimately, comes down to how consistent you can be.


Jorge Blanco

Jorge Blanco is a Spanish National Kickboxing Champion turned MMA coach to UFC legend Georges St-Pierre. From his base in Toronto, he works with NHL players, performers, fighters and more using his tailored Spaniard training system. Jorge makes MMA accessible to all, revving up cardio, sharpening reflexes and sculpting physiques.

Jorge Blanco

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