A bowl of Centr's Mediterranean Quinoa Salad sits on a wooden table.
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6 plant-based lunch ideas for an antioxidant boost

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Could eating more plants make your kidneys younger?

According to a recent study, eating flavonoids – natural compounds found in fruit, vegetables and legumes that are known for their powerful antioxidants – is linked to a slower pace of biological aging, especially in the kidneys, liver and heart.

That’s good news for herbivores – more plants mean more flavonoids, potentially reducing the long-term risk of cardiovascular or liver disease.

And you don’t have to go full vegan to reap the benefits. Simply adding more plant-based dishes to your diet, like the six ultra-fast lunches below, can increase your consumption of flavonoids.

Add it to the ever-growing list of reasons to eat more plants:

  • Diets with plenty of plants can prevent the development of chronic diseases and improve brain health.
  • Plant-based diets are better for the planet, with recently published research showing they have 30% of the environmental impact of high-meat diets.
  • Plant-based diets are good for the guts – our nutrition expert, Angie Asche, has long been an advocate of plant power and says, “When you consume a variety of plant foods, it’s really good for your gut microbiome.”

Ready to plant your flag and potentially lower your biological age? The six plant-based lunches below can all be prepared in under 15 minutes.

Remember: Although these meals are delicious and nutritious, no specific recipe is guaranteed to lengthen your lifespan. If you’re concerned about a specific health issue, please see your doctor.

A bowl of Centr's Buddha Bowl with Sauerkraut sits on a matching plate with napkin and fork on a wooden table.

Buddha Bowl with Sauerkraut

Though this bowl isn’t officially endorsed by Buddha, it’s packed full of nutrients and will no doubt have you feeling lighter, if not closer to enlightenment.

A pile of Centr's Plant-packed Protein Sandwiches sits on a plate on a wooden table.

Plant-Packed Protein Sandwich

Need to hit your plant-based protein goals? Chickpeas take this simple salad sandwich to a whole new level.


Chickpea & Lentil Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

Pack lunch (and a protein punch) with a vegetable and legume salad sure to keep you full and firing throughout the day.

A bowl of Centr's Mediterranean Quinoa Salad sits on a wooden table with a side dish of chunky olive tapenade.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Chunky Olive Tapenade

It’s not quite a Mediterranean holiday, but your colleagues will be equally as jealous when you bring this juicy summer salad to the office.

Centr's Tempeh Wrap with Pomegranate sits on a plate on a wooden table.

Tempeh Wrap with Pomegranate

Rest assured that this tempeh wrap – full of healthy fats and antioxidants – tastes as good as it looks (if not better).


Mango, Coconut & Tofu Salad

Skip the office lunch order with this simple spicy salad with the perfect balance of protein, fat, and carbs.

Disclaimer: This Centr content is adapted with permission from an article written by Lifespan.io. The content herein represents Centr’s interpretation of the original source material.

Centr x Lifespan.io

Centr has partnered with Lifespan.io to bring you the latest in longevity research. Lifespan.io is the leading source of industry news and a nonprofit advocacy foundation whose mission is to accelerate progress toward overcoming age-related diseases. Since 2014, the organization has focused on responsible journalism, high-impact advocacy, and media initiatives that make longevity research and education more accessible to all.

Centr x Lifespan.io

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