A green super smoothie from the Centr meal plan, surrounded by chopped apple and avocado.
Sergio Perera

Avengers eat game: A day on Chris Hemsworth's plate

Sergio Perera

We all know how hard Chris works out when he’s preparing to play Thor, but his meal plan is equally as important.

As with everything we do on Centr, balance is key.

In the lead up to a movie shoot, we focus on maintaining a balance of protein, carbs and fat, while fueling him to build muscle with an increased calorie intake from whole, fresh and nutrient-rich foods.

You can train with Chris’s team on Centr, now we invite you to eat like Chris – with Centr recipes from myself and the team, inspired by a day on his plate during the filming of the back-to-back Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame blockbusters.

Pre-workout snack:

Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie Bowl from the Centr meal plan.

Chocolate blueberry smoothie bowl

When you’re rolling straight out of bed into a workout, you don’t want a heavy stomach weighing you down. But you do need a kick of carbohydrates to deliver energy to your muscles. This smoothie bowl is perfect for the job. And the choc-berry mix is a Chris favorite.


Savory Oatmeal With Prosciutto & Mushrooms from the Centr meal plan.

Savory oatmeal with prosciutto & mushrooms

This breakfast sits somewhere between sensible porridge and treat-yourself bacon and eggs. When Chris has already knocked off one workout and there’s still a long day ahead, this is the kind of wholefood fuel he needs.


Barbecued Chicken With Grilled Broccoli & Lemon Salad from the Centr meal plan.

Barbecued chicken with grilled broccoli & lemon salad

Hearty salad is Chris’s go-to lunch, with a mix of raw and roasted or grilled vegetables and a piece of lean chicken. When his goal is to add more muscle, we incorporate small amounts of grains (such as steamed rice), potato, bread or, in this case, quinoa.

Post-workout snack:

Green Super Smoothie from the Centr meal plan.

Green super smoothie

When Chris is filming, you never know where he’ll end up on location or what his schedule will look like. That’s where smoothies come into their own as a reliable source of nutrition and protein. Chris will have several green smoothies a day and this one’s a staple – plenty of protein for recovery, plus the refreshing kick of lime juice, coconut water and apple.


Almond-Crusted Fish With Buckwheat Salad from the Centr meal plan.

Almond-crusted fish with buckwheat salad

While we do increase Chris’s intake of meat when he’s preparing to play Thor, we stick with fish at dinner as it requires less energy to digest, helping him to rest and recover overnight. This Almond-Crusted Fish is a great example of how eating ‘clean’ doesn’t have to mean depriving your tastebuds!

Sergio Perera

Sergio Perera has worked in the world’s finest kitchens, including Spain’s celebrated elBulli, and as on-set chef and nutrition consultant to Chris Hemsworth. While he explores new frontiers in gastronomy and sustainability through his research lab Arrel, he’s also helping you fuel up with simple recipes and amazing flavors, then switch off with much-loved meditations.

Sergio Perera

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