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4 ways to finish this year strong

Centr Team

You check your tracker: weights up, reps up, year almost gone. Whaaaat?

It’s normal to feel the clock ticking on your goals at this time of year, or even to fall into a mid-year slump. Given the last couple of years haven’t exactly been ‘the best of times’ for many of us, it’s even more important to cut yourself some slack if you’re not exactly at your most productive or goal-smashing. The world (you included) has been dealing with a lot.

But just because you may have hit a dip in the road, don’t write off the year just yet. There is never a bad time to throw a health and fitness U-turn and get back to moving in the direction of your goals. Rather than watching your momentum lag with every passing day, follow these tips to turn that mid-year anxiety into positive energy and action.

1. Review and reset

Remember all the optimism you had on January 1? It may have worn off, but you now have a more realistic idea of how the year ahead is panning out and what you really want to get out of it. So before you push forward, take a minute to reassess your goals.

Maybe you thought this year would be all about crushing it at the gym, but on-and-off lockdowns made it hard to be consistent. Pivot to crushing it at home with minimal or no-equipment programs like Centr Unleashed and Centr Align.

Perhaps you committed to cooking 6 nights a week, but a chaotic year had you turning to takeout. A new, achievable goal of preparing a few freezer meals on a Sunday could be the switch in tactics you need.

Think about the time and energy you have now, and use that framework to set yourself some new goals for what’s left of the year.

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Partner workouts are a great way to bond and have fun with exercise. What’s that? Luke’s face doesn’t convince you?

2. Buddy up

If you’ve lost some of the spark you had when you started exercising, it’s time to buddy up! According to psychologists, moving with other people releases more endorphins than solo workouts and produces feelings of joy. We all like joy, right? The more you enjoy your workouts, the more likely you are to show up consistently.

So if you’ve been struggling to commit this year, recruit a friend, set a workout schedule you can both follow, and get moving together. Most lockdown scenarios thankfully still allow exercise outside with another person, but you can always smash it on a video call if getting together in the flesh isn’t an option.

Don’t forget your fellow Legends in the Centr community make the most amazing accountability buddies!

3. Take it outside

Is the monotony of working out in your living room, gym or garage starting to get to you? Three words: take it outside. Exercising in nature has been found to make people feel “connected to all of life... and more hopeful about life itself”.

So, if you can, hit the park instead of the treadmill for your next cardio session. It might just relight the fire you need to forge ahead with your fitness goals.

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A meditation like Release Your Mind can help you to let go of disappointment and see things with fresh optimism.

4. Don’t beat yourself up

What’s done is done. If you didn’t spend the first part of this year as you wanted to or haven’t progressed as far as you’d like, try to let go of the disappointment and guilt and look forward.

Meditation is a simple tool that could help you overcome the mental block and start fresh. Pop Release Your Mind on your earbuds – it will help you put any disappointments of the last half-year behind you, so you can tackle the next period with clarity.

We all love a come-from-behind success story. So while the best time to start was seven or so months ago, the second-best time to start is right NOW. Little changes and a change of mindset can help get you back on track.

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