Luke Zocchi

How Chris suited up for MIB:I (and how you can too)

Luke Zocchi

You’ve seen the action-packed trailers for Men in Black™: International. You’ve noticed Chris Hemsworth’s lean, sleek and toned physique in the iconic MIB™ suit. You’ve got questions. Or one, in particular: How did he do it?

While Agent H might be sworn to secrecy for the good of the galaxy, Chris’s personal trainer and Centr expert trainer Luke Zocchi has spilled the beans. From workouts to what you should eat, Luke reveals what it takes to slip into a finely tailored suit – whether or not it’s part of your job description.

If you want to become a lean, keen, alien-fighting machine (okay, we can’t guarantee that part), then listen up.

Lift! Lift! Lift!

Luke loves a good weighted workout. Even though Chris wasn’t bulking his arms for this particular role, there were still some heavy moves involved.

“Men in Black was interesting. We went for more of an athletic look,” Luke says. “We designed a whole bunch of functional movements with dumbbells.”

One of the best parts of the workout style that Luke devised is how adaptable it is to the equipment you have to hand, whether at home or the gym.

“Most hotel gyms have a set of dumbbells so we could still train and do the circuits that I designed for the movie. That worked out perfectly for that shoot because we traveled a lot,” Luke says.

Weight training is an important part of many Centr workouts whether or not you’re trying to bulk up because building lean muscle gives you a stronger, toned body – which always looks great in a slim-fitting suit.

Pick up the pace!

‘So I just stand there and lift weights to get in suit-able shape?’ you ask. Well, not exactly.

If you’re already part of Centr, you know Luke’s workout style is very energetic. He’s known for his high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and high-intensity resistance training (HIRT) sessions. These include short bursts of activity that fire up your metabolism, followed by short rests to help you recover. They are time-efficient and effective at burning fat and increasing your cardio ability.

Luke’s simple tip for getting in shape and killing it in a suit?

"Try to move every day. More circuit training, more movement and less rest times in between sets,” he says.“Still do your weight lifting, but with more high-paced moves. It doesn't have to be for an hour, but effective 20 to 40-minute sessions.”

Not bulking up, trimming down

Chris would famously eat six or seven times a day to fuel his intense workouts when bulking up for previous roles. However, MIB™:I called for a different food strategy.

“It was obviously reining back the calories, but overall we just simplified things,” Luke says. “On Men in Black he was down to just three meals a day – standard breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good clean food, less calories and staying active. That’s how we achieved that slimmer, more chiseled and athletic look.”

You might think depriving yourself is the road to a trim, suit-ready physique, but it’s unsustainable – not to mention unsuitable! Your body won’t love you for taking away nutrients, so just follow Luke’s advice and focus on three meals a day of unprocessed whole foods.

Try having fewer of the snacks we love at Centr (Luke's included!). At mealtime, load up with healthy veg and protein to give you energy for all that extra movement you’ll be doing. And remember, streamlined eating for a streamlined look can still be delicious – like our Barbecued Chicken with Grilled Broccoli & Lemon Salad. It will not only keep you full, but you’ll be satisfied with a great meal that doesn’t feel like punishment.

To recap: Less heavy lifting, more frequent and functional movement at higher pace and intensity, plus good, clean food. The results will suit you.

Luke Zocchi

Chris Hemsworth may wield the hammer, but it’s his personal trainer Luke Zocchi who cracks the whip. A certified personal trainer, Luke is renowned for his fast and efficient training methods, using weights and bodyweight to get maximum results in minimum time. He’ll also show you how to fuel your training with quick, easy and healthy recipes.

Luke Zocchi

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