Luke Zocchi performs an overhead press with two heavy dumbbells.
Luke Zocchi

Chris Hemsworth's trainer is here to perfect your form

Luke Zocchi

Been eyeing those weightlifters over by the racks in the gym, wondering how you can get those same serious gains? You might be surprised to learn that building muscle with weight training ultimately comes down to two things: consistency and safety. Once you’ve got the essentials locked down, you’re on track to some bad-ass lifting abilities.

Perhaps even… super strength.

Enter Centr strength training expert Luke Zocchi. Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer knows a thing or two about bulking up, having guided Chris through multiple trans-Thor-mations. Whether you’re looking to get superhero ripped, lean or just carve out more definition in your muscles, Luke’s technique training should be your first port of call.

Luke’s videos break down key muscle-building exercises step by step, so you can master the movements before you bring in the weight and get maximum impact from every rep.

1. Dumbbell curls

You know that classy saying “sun’s out, guns out”? Well, first you need to bust the dumbbells out. Curl variations such as bicep curls (targeting the biceps and shoulders), hammer curls (to really beef up those biceps by targeting underlying muscles) and Zottman curls (which add a twist to hit your biceps and forearms in one) may not look as intimidating as barbell and deadlifts, but you still need to perfect your technique to maximize effectiveness and avoid injury.

2. Barbell

When you pick up a barbell, you’re going to be working a lot more than just your arms. With barbell back squats, for example, you’re bringing your legs, abs, glutes, back and shoulders into the game. Of course, bringing more muscles into play means more potential for injury, especially to your all-important back, which many of us tend not to think about until something goes ‘ping!’ and we’re laid out on the floor. So again, working on correct technique before increasing the weight you’re lifting is essential.

Luke’s trio of classic barbell exercises offer a great full-body balance: the bent over rows build up your back, the flat bench press puffs out your chest and the back squats deliver overall strength and muscle-building.

Use light weights, then check your form against the pro!

3. Deadlifts

The deadlift is the classic strongman maneuver, a compound movement that brings everything from your calves to your traps into the mix to hit fast forward on your muscle growth. But (you knew that was coming) not so fast! Because deadlifting puts so much strain on so much of your body, it’s essential that you master the movements before adding weight.Luke’s got your back with his guide to the conventional deadlift and the sumo deadlift squat, which will up the ante for your glutes and core. Remember to activate your abs and squeeze those glutes at the top of the movement.

Think you’re ready to lift?

If you’re new to weight training or coming back into it after an extended absence, our Centr experts recommend starting light and perfecting your form first.

Once you’ve wrapped your head around the exercise, correct technique and difficulty, then you can move up to a weight that challenges you. There’s no rush. When you’re safely in the groove, Centr has a range of workouts with Luke and bodybuilder Torre Washington to help you reach your lifting goals. It’s going to take reps and dedication, but you will see results!

Luke Zocchi

Chris Hemsworth may wield the hammer, but it’s his personal trainer Luke Zocchi who cracks the whip. A certified personal trainer, Luke is renowned for his fast and efficient training methods, using weights and bodyweight to get maximum results in minimum time. He’ll also show you how to fuel your training with quick, easy and healthy recipes.

Luke Zocchi


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