Dan Churchill sharpens a large knife while smiling.
Dan Churchill

Dan's chef hacks you can't cook without

Dan Churchill

I believe that anyone can be a great cook. It’s not magic! You just need a passion for food, the right tools and a bit of know-how to get you started.

Because I’m all about helping people love food and changing the way they eat for the better, I’ve got some quick and easy hacks straight from the chef’s kitchen that’ll make cooking a breeze. Better yet, you’ll start having fun. Before you know it, you’ll be wowing everyone with your skills when you whip up chef-level dishes like the Best Chicken Pan Roast with Carrots.

Finding the freshest fish

If you’re making my One-Pan Salmon Tacos with Braised Greens (and you should!), the first step is picking the perfect fish. Despite what you might think, fish isn’t supposed to smell ‘fishy’ unless it’s started going bad, so that’s a warning sign.

Generally, if you want the best and freshest fish, you should do a bit of research into what is locally available and fished nearby. That way you can choose fish that’s less likely to have been frozen or flown from a long way off, and it’s also more sustainable.

Crushing it with garlic and onion

Onions and garlic are the ‘aromatic’ base for loads of recipes, including my Stir Fry Quinoa Bowl with Tuna. If you’re sick of crying every time you chop onions, breathing through your mouth can help with fumes, and a sharp knife gets the job done quicker. If you find getting the skins off garlic cloves to be a bit fiddly, just crush them lightly under the knife blade to loosen the skin.

For mincing, follow the video instructions to mash and chop the clove. To prevent the knife slipping around, sprinkle some coarse salt on the garlic first.

Soft-boiled perfection

Eggs are such versatile ingredients, from a breakfast scramble to freshly baked Gooey Chocolate & Almond Brownies – and they’re packed with protein and nutrients. Frying eggs for my Veggie Pita Wraps is pretty easy, but when it comes to perfect soft-boiled eggs, there’s an art to it.

Pop the eggs into boiling water, let them cook for 5.5 minutes, then transfer them straight to ice water so they stop cooking. Beautiful, runny yolks every time.

Dan Churchill

Australian foodie Dan Churchill is taking his fresh, healthy and colorful approach to food to the world as chef and co-founder of New York eatery Charley St. Dan has a Masters in Exercise Science, and was a strength and conditioning coach before switching focus to nutrition. He makes healthy eating easy, and workout challenges sweaty – always with an emphasis on fun.

Dan Churchill

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