Da Rulk

Da Rulk's 3 rules for motivation

Da Rulk

Through his work training military personnel and first responders to everyday people, Centr's Raw Functional Training expert Da Rulk has heard all the excuses and knows what actually works when it comes to achieving fitness goals.

“The biggest misconception people have is that you need weights, you need money, you need to already be strong,” he says. “But all we really need is the conviction of purpose, and the discipline to keep ourselves accountable.”

Whether you’re struggling to get started or have a habit of calling it quits a month (or a week!) into a fitness kick, we’re betting you could use a little extra motivation from an expert.

Da Rulk is that expert. His three rules will get you on track and keep you there.


You need that conviction and purpose to carry it through,” says Rulk.

Your purpose is not just your goal (‘I want to be fit enough to run again…’) but also your why (‘... so I can get back to playing my favorite sport.’)

If you’ve decided now’s the time to get fit and healthy, consider what made you realize this: Do you get puffed after just a few minutes of playing with the dog? Do you really miss something fun and active you used to do? Have you always wanted a muscular physique? Maybe, like Da Rulk, you want to set a good example for your kids. That ‘why’ will help you power through.

Once you’ve got your why, set yourself a goal. By setting an achievable goal with a clear timeline, you’re setting yourself up for success.


For Rulk, discipline is the will to “do it day in, day out, even if you feel like not staying with it.

When starting a new training regimen, be realistic. If you have been inactive for some time, know that the first week is going to be a struggle – but that every little bit of movement helps. If you’re at the gym or in the Centr Facebook community and see someone crushing an exercise you can’t do, know that it will take time and practice and that everyone’s journey is different.

If in these moments you find yourself thinking about giving up, put that discipline into action.

"I want people to understand that you can do it,” says Rulk. “There are guys that are stronger than me, guys that are faster than me, but it's that ability to stick to it [that helps me succeed].

“Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is what it's all about. That's the hardest part of life – when we get uncomfortable, we tend to quit or we tend to move away. And sometimes greatness is right beyond that. If you can just push through, that greatness is right there."


Perseverance is, as Rulk says, "applying that discipline over time, over and over and over again ’til you reach your goal.

If you fall down, get back up. If you can’t do it, practice and try again. If the road to your goal seems long, take it one step at a time.

A goal, especially if it’s a big change from where you’re currently at, can seem intimidating. So break your long-term goal into smaller steps or mini-goals. For example, training for five minutes longer than you did last week, or make it through a full workout without taking extra breaks.

And don’t forget, when it comes to achieving peak performance, a strong mind will help you combat physical and mental stress and keep on keeping on. That’s why Centr advocates practical meditations to support your health and fitness journey. If you don’t pay attention to your mental recovery, including getting enough rest, you’ll seriously hinder your ability to push through and persevere, and you may burn out instead.

Da Rulk doesn’t just preach these rules, he practices them every day.

“I focus on my purpose… apply my discipline… and stay steadfast in my perseverance to achieve my goals,” he says.

So if whether you're crushing a Centr program and you're in need of a push towards the finish line, or you're just looking for the spark that will get you back into exercise, try following these lessons. Rulk has got your back, and so do we.

Da Rulk

Da Rulk trains superheroes: Navy SEALs, fire fighters, law enforcement… and Chris Hemsworth. A certified strength and conditioning specialist with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, he is the creator of Raw Functional Training (RFT), a revolutionary approach to movement. He’s the trainer you’ll love to hate, who will transform the way you move.

Da Rulk

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