Luke Zocchi

Luke's 1000-rep challenge will test your bodyweight strength

Luke Zocchi

You wanted a challenge, you got it. Luke's bonus 1000-rep workout will help you push your strength and endurance to 1000%.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your regular routine, Luke is here to blast you out of complacency with his 1000 rep challenge. Yes, you read that right: one thousand reps.

You don't need any equipment, just an iron will and the ability to count to 25. Let Luke talk you through it by watching the video, then get to work adding up those reps!

Once you've made it to Luke's 1000 milestone (and recovered!), we dare you to take it one step further with Dan's 1000+1 Challenge!

Warm up with a light jog of 2-3 mins, and make sure you stretch out after you've completed the workout.

The Workout

5 rounds     |     25 reps each     |     30 seconds rest between rounds

  • Squats

  • Hindu push-ups

  • Half jacks

  • Jump lunges

  • Shoulder tap push-ups

  • Kick sits

  • Rocking chairs

  • Burpees

Luke Zocchi

Chris Hemsworth may wield the hammer, but it’s his personal trainer Luke Zocchi who cracks the whip. A certified personal trainer, Luke is renowned for his fast and efficient training methods, using weights and bodyweight to get maximum results in minimum time. He’ll also show you how to fuel your training with quick, easy and healthy recipes.

Luke Zocchi

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