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Bobby Holland Hanton’s ultimate travel workout

Centr Team

Following Chris Hemsworth around the globe makes Bobby Holland Hanton an expert at keeping fit while traveling. He has to stay in tip-top shape, wherever in the world he finds himself, whatever role Chris is preparing for. That means he’s just the man to help you maintain your fitness when all you have is your sneakers, activewear and a small corner of the hotel room (or your mother’s spare bedroom, if you’re back in town for the holidays.)

No gym? No problem! We’ve got an intense resistance training workout you can do with zero equipment. You won’t even miss the resistance bands and cardio machines.

Get ready for some powerful plyometric moves and intense resistance exercises (with a familiar functional training move.) These are designed to engage big muscles of both the upper and lower body and take your strength, speed and endurance to the next level. You should feel your heart rate rising and your muscles burning, because Bobby’s got some big compound exercises, using multiple muscle groups at a time for a full-body workout.

Plyometric exercises challenge your muscles to their maximum potential over short bursts of time, moving the body quickly from a muscle extension to a muscle contraction in an explosive manner, reaping even bigger results than a standard resistance exercise.

Whether your goal is weight loss, a toned body or even bulking, this space-efficient workout can back a big punch when it comes to fitness results. You don’t have to get off track when you’re on the road.

Bobby Holland Hanton’s ultimate travel workout

  • Jumping push-ups

  • Jumping lunges

  • Pyramid push-ups

  • Kick-sits (sit-thrus)

  • V-sits

Complete 12 reps of each exercise, rest for 30 seconds and then go again for four rounds in total – unless you want to push yourself with five rounds.

Don’t forget to start with a dynamic warm-up and finish with either dynamic or static stretches.

Jumping push-ups: These engage big muscles of the chest, arms and core and we guarantee you’ll feel the heat.

Jumping lunges: Guaranteed to send your heart rate up while your legs, glutes and core get a serious workout. The plyometric burst will work you harder than a static lunge.

Pyramid push-ups: Similar to the jumping push-ups, these will challenge the chest, arms and core with the added bonus of some leg-work.

Kick-sits: Also known as ‘sit-thrus’, it’s a core part of Da Rulk’s functional training. Bobby is a master of this move. Just switch your core on, engage your shoulders, move your glutes and get it done.

V-sits: It’s all in the core, baby. These reps work your abs while also challenging your balance and stability. Pull your navel tight and engage your core to protect your back muscles.

Remember good technique, and if you’re struggling with any of the moves in the workout, regress them, practice them and then try again.

To regress the moves:

  • Remove the jump from the jumping push-ups or jumping lunges if they’re too hard or your form is slacking.

  • Alternatively, add the jump to every second push-up or lunge. Then, you’ll get a small plyometric burst without putting too much stress on your body.

  • Slow the kick-sits down and make sure you stay true to the technique.

  • Reduce the range of motion in the V-sits.

At Centr, we’re all about working to your fitness level. If you find the moves too easy (go, you!), you can increase the reps to 15 or 20 and complete an extra set or two.

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