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5 power bars to boost your workout

Centr Team

Pre-workout power ups and post-workout protein delivery just got a whole lot easier with our performance-boosting bars. Our bars are easy to make and store, will deliver the nutrients and energy you need to boost your performance and – bonus! – you don't need to squint suspiciously at the ingredients list because you'll know exactly what's in them.


Power Plus Bars

These high-protein post-workout bars are packing peanut butter, apple sauce and mixed spice to deliver taste and nutrition in equal measure.


Choc Drizzle Protein Bars

This post-gym snack is a high-protein hit for muscle builders. With no baking required, they're easy to make in bulk and freeze for later.


Dan Churchill's Almond Butter Protein Bars

Stash one of these almond bad boys in your gym bag to fuel up before you start warming up. And again – freezable!


No Bake Oat & Cranberry Bar

We're all about a hit of cranberry in a bar – but you can use any nuts, dried fruit or seeds you have in the pantry.


Green Matcha Bars

Blending sweet chocolate with earthy matcha, these green bars are the delicious new source of your pre-workout strength.

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