Centr Align: Yoga Day 1

Centr Align: Week 1

Centr Align starts now! In Tahl's first yoga class, she'll set you up to build strength and discover your potential. To kick things off in style, Luke is joining in – follow him for modifications.

Let Tahl talk you through the poses and breathing, to help you find your rhythm.

Before you start: your wrists take a lot of weight in yoga, so Tahl has a wrist warm-up to get you ready. If you're prone to wrist pain, do it before each class. Or you can run through a couple of the key moves before a session if you find it helps.

  • Time
    39 MIN

  • Equipment
    Optional Yoga block

  • Targets
    Full body

  • Centr Align starts now!

    Hit the mat with Tahl to find your rhythm and start building strength with your first yoga class. Who's that joining in? Why it's Luke, here to demonstrate modifications. If you're prone to wrist pain, get ready with Tahl's wrist warm-up first.

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