Centr Align: Pilates Day 1

Centr Align: Week 1

Your Pilates journey is setting off with a full-body session taking you through a full range of motion.

Sylvia will talk you through all the moves – pay attention so you can build on this work in your next class. Tahl will demonstrate modifications if you require a lower-intensity workout or find any of the moves difficult.

Core activation is essential in Pilates, so let Sylvia show you how to engage those abdominal muscles before starting.

  • Time
    38 MIN

  • Equipment
    Bodyweight only

  • Targets
    Full body

  • Activate & engage

    Get ready to experience a full range of motion as your Pilates journey with Sylvia begins. You'll build on these moves throughout the program, so stay focused. Need to lower the intensity? Follow Tahl for modifications. Your abdominal muscles are key in Pilates, so learn how to activate your core before hitting play.

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