Power Sculpt: Five

By Tiffiny Hall & Jorge Blanco

We're raising the stakes with multiple combos this week, so make every strike count. Don't hold your breath – breathe through it. Ready? Guard up, let's sculpt!

  • Level

  • Time
    25 MIN

  • Equipment

  • Targets
    Full body

  • Switch on the Power

    Warm up with Tiffiny to get your blood pumping and the power flowing.

  • Activate!

    Keep your core activated this entire round by drawing your bellybutton toward your spine. And let those hands fly during the jabs. Rest 30 seconds at the completion of the round.

    Round 1
  • Knees up

    On the knee strikes, get your knee up as close to your chest as you can to really work those abs. Stick with regular burpees if you find the one-arms tough. Low impact modification: follow Jorge's lead by stepping down into the burpee.Rest 30 seconds at the completion of the round.

    Round 2
  • Fancy footwork

    Keep your guard up on the slip and move fast. We'll coach you through the footwork, so stay with us.

    Round 3
  • Power down

    You've worked hard, now power down by stretching out those sculpted muscles with Jorge.


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