Muscle building: Fight for power

By Torre Washington

In this session, Torre's bringing out the big moves for strong glutes, hamstrings, and an all-powerful lower-body. Read the Centr Guide to Building Muscle for essential advice on selecting weights, lifting safely and knowing when to lift heavier.

To nail your form for the exercises in this workout, head to the tutorial.

If you don't have access to a full gym set-up, look for inset modifications in the exercise videos, and sub in dumbbells for barbells where needed.

  • Level

  • Time
    45 MIN

  • Equipment
    Barbell • Dumbbells • Leg press machine • Weight plate/s

  • Targets
    Glutes • Legs • Lower body

  • Action ready

    Start moving to find your intensity and get your muscles ready to work.

  • Power combo

    Push for lower-body strength in combination with a stable core.

    Round 1
  • Legendary legs

    Placing your feet lower on the leg press increases the emphasis on your quads.

    Round 2
  • Feel the burn

    Ensure your glutes are activated and feeling the burn.

    Round 3
  • Wrap it up

    Kickstart your recovery with these targeted, essential stretches.


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