Cable Force: Glute & core foundations

By Luke Zocchi & Jess Kilts

Luke and Jess are supersetting cable and bodyweight moves to target your glutes and core – keep those muscles engaged throughout.

Before you start, head to the tutorial to lock in good technique.

  • Time
    30 MIN

  • Equipment
    Cable machine • Pull-up bar • Smith bar

  • Targets
    Core • Glutes

  • Be ready

    Get your joints and muscles moving to nail an effective workout.

  • Switch on

    Core and glutes activated? Let's go.

    Round 1
  • Zoom in

    Alternating sides will help build up a balanced physique.

    Round 2
  • Pump it up

    Finish strong by putting some big reps into your obliques and glutes.

    Round 3
  • Stretch it out

    Lower your heart rate and stretch your muscles to reduce soreness.

    Cool down

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