Pull muscle maker

By Luke Zocchi

Luke is pitting bodyweight vs gravity to build your pull muscles.

This is an Intermediate to Advanced level workout.

Ensure pull-up bar and suspension straps are safely installed before you begin.

You can complete this workout using your own equipment, or get the full experience by accessing the Centr range of fitness kits and accessories. Learn more at

  • Time
    30 MIN

  • Equipment
    Pull-up bar • Suspension strap

  • Targets
    Back • Biceps • Shoulders

  • Ready to build

    Get your joints, muscles and mind into the workout zone.

  • Get up & go

    Control your tempo for maximum pull-up bar gains.

    Round 1
  • Level up

    Switch focus to the downward movement of pull-ups to increase strength.

    Round 2
  • Power move

    Keep your knees soft.

    Round 3
  • Back to work

    Hit your back from every angle.

    Round 4
  • Taking shape

    Feel the squeeze between your shoulder blades as you form the Y.

    Round 5
  • Flex time

    Zoom in on your biceps to finish with a big pump.

    Round 6
  • Clock off

    Kickstart your recovery with targeted stretches.

    Cool down


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