Amplified strength & cardio

By Ingrid Clay

Ingrid is on a mission to get your total-body pumping, before a heart-thumping Tabata cardio finisher.

Ensure pull-up bar and suspension straps are safely installed before you begin.

You can complete this workout using your own equipment, or get the full experience by accessing the Centr range of fitness kits and accessories. Learn more at

  • Time
    40 MIN

  • Equipment
    Pull-up bar • Push-up handles • Sand bag (small) • Suspension strap

  • Targets
    Full body

  • Start strong

    Get your heart pumping and muscles firing.

  • Take off

    Tight transitions between exercises will keep the intensity high.

    Round 1
  • Power moves

    Control your movements and push through the burn.

    Round 2
  • Going up

    On the jump lunges, split the total number of specified reps between each side.

    Round 3
  • Keep pushing

    Lower your body slowly and with control on the negative push-ups.

    Round 4
  • Tabata time

    Your trainers are going 20 secs on, 10 secs off to spike your cardio.

    Round 5
  • All the way

    Keep it coming with a final Tabata round.

    Round 6
  • Ease out

    Breathe deep and take a minute to stretch it out.

    Cool down

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