Total-body built

By Ingrid Clay

Give your body the 360º strength-building treatment – with some extra love for your shoulders and traps.

Keep your form tight and the resistance challenging.

  • Time
    35 MIN

  • Equipment
    Centr Body Weight

  • Targets
    Full body

  • Ready for it

    Get your joints, muscles and mind into the zone for gains.

  • It's build time

    Start with an incline to target your upper chest.

    Round 1
  • Taking shape

    Work for strength, size and shape in your traps and deltoids.

    Round 2
  • Squat hard

    Switch focus to the big muscle groups in your lower body.

    Round 3
  • Legs ahead

    Try to zoom in on the mind-muscle connection with every rep.

    Round 4
  • Feel the burn

    Serious shoulder reps ahead.

    Round 5
  • Make it count

    Put in the work for rock solid traps.

    Round 6
  • Core finisher

    Target your obliques for a fiery finish.

    Round 7
  • Unload

    You've put in the work, now let the tension go.


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