HIIT HIRT Strength: Lower-body bonanza

By Luke Zocchi

Before you begin, browse the explore section to watch videos on correct technique.

Note from the trainer: We're using a kettlebell in this session. If you don't have one, that's okay. You can use a heavy dumbbell or full bottle of water instead.

  • Level

  • Time
    26 MIN

  • Equipment

  • Targets
    Core • Glutes • Legs • Lower body

  • Start slow

    You've got to warm-up before you workout.

  • Let's get started

    Get your blood flowing and make those muscles work.

    Round 1
  • Next up

    Same exercises, higher intensity.

    Round 2
  • Push yourself

    We're throwing some new things into the mix. Get ready.

    Round 3
  • Keep going

    You're tired but you can do this. Keep going.

    Round 4
  • Mix it up

    Time to hit the big exercises of the day again.

    Round 5
  • Last round

    This is it. Finish strong.

    Round 6
  • Time to rest

    You've worked hard, now it's time to slow it down.


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