MMA: Full cardio burn

By Jorge Blanco

Moving in time with Jorge during this workout is not essential, just focus on your form and keep moving.

*Note from the trainer: This workout focuses heavily on arms – they'll be burning by the end. Repetitive movements are important to build lean muscle and master technique. Don't be hard on yourself if the combinations seem hard at first, you'll get the hang of it in no time.

  • Level

  • Time
    30 MIN

  • Equipment
    Bodyweight only

  • Targets
    Full body

  • Get things moving

    You've got to warm up before you workout. Let's get your muscles limber.

  • Let's do this

    Now you're ready to get started.

    Round 1
  • Next up

    It's time to get your heart rate up.

    Round 2
  • Next up

    After this you'll be halfway through.

    Round 3
  • Next up

    Keep going - even faster, if you can.

    Round 4
  • Next up

    The end is in sight - keep going.

    Round 5
  • Final round

    This is it. Make it your best yet.

    Round 6
  • Slow it down

    You've worked hard, now it's time to return to a resting state. Slow down and stretch it out.


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