Boxing: Full-body sweat

By Michael Olajide Jr

Before you begin, browse the explore section to watch videos on correct technique.

In addition to the some boxing and bodyweight work, this workout uses resistance bands to get your glutes fired up!

  • Level

  • Time
    22 MIN

  • Equipment
    Jump rope • Long loop band • Tube bands

  • Targets
    Full body

  • Before you jump in the (metaphorical) ring you need to warm-up.

  • Now we can really get started

    It’s time to get your heart rate up.

    Round 1
  • Next up

    We’re going to do it all again. Faster.

    Round 2
  • Go again

    You’re in the swing of it now. Let’s go again.

    Round 3
  • One more time

    Go hard, after this we're changing it up.

    Round 4
  • Change it up

    Punch on. Focus on form for now, we’ll pick up speed next round.

    Round 5
  • Next up

    Let’s go again. Time to really pick up the pace.

    Round 6
  • Go again

    Shoulders burning? That means you’re working hard.

    Round 7
  • Final round

    This is it. Make it your best yet.

    Round 8
  • Take it easy

    You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to return to a resting state. Go slowly in these last exercises.


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