Functional training: Blast off

By Da Rulk

Rulk's back to increase your ballistic power and mobility, getting your body ready for take off.

  • Level

  • Time
    16 MIN

  • Equipment
    Bodyweight only

  • Targets
    Full body

  • But first, get limber

    You can’t give 120% if you’re not warmed up. Take it easy for these first exercises.

  • Let's get started

    Now it's time to give it your all.

    Cluster 1
  • Next up

    This is the last time we're doing this combination today, so go hard.

    Cluster 1
  • Next up

    New combination, new energy! Give this round your all.

    Cluster 2
  • The final round

    This is the last part of your workout today.

    Cluster 2
  • Feel the release

    After an intense session it's time to slow things down – take it easy for these final six exercises.


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