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8 Valentine's Day recipes for bros, besties and beloveds

Centr Team

\Whether you're treating a bro, a bestie, a beloved or your own bad self, our favorite sweet date recipes are the perfect way to show the love. Plus, we're serving up a bonus treat for our FODMAP friends. Because we're all in this together, baby.


Choc Tahini & Date Bliss Balls

Is this the perfect Valentine's date? Naturally sweetened with fruit, it's no sugar daddy, but it is very rich... with dark chocolate flavor.


Sticky Date Puddings

It takes work to make relationships stick (and even more work to get that tattoo of your ex's name removed), but Sticky Date Pudding is forever.


Banoffee Parfait

This dessert is the perfect mix of crunchy and smooth, like a suave James/Jane Bond type literally sweeping you off your feet. We'll take our Banoffee swirled, not shaken.


Dan Churchill's Double Chocolate Brownies with Caramel Sauce

If by "double date" you mean a date with Dan's Double Chocolate Brownies, then sure – we're in.


Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

Like Hermione and Ron, you and our Carrot Cake Bliss Balls are just meant to be. Don't fight the orange allure.


Coconut, Date & Nut Bites

Sure, it may have a few rough edges, but underneath lies a true sweetheart. Swipe right for coconutty good times.


Peanut Caramel Cups

When it comes to true love, you have to take the sweet with the salty. The hard part will be taking just one.


BONUS: Gooey Chocolate & Almond Brownies

Times it is good to be dateless: 1) When your high school crush is suddenly single. 2) When there's one seat left for the hottest musical on Broadway. 3) When you're FODMAP! Savor your alone time and make it a truly dateless Valentine's Day with our Gooey Chocolate & Almond Brownies.

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