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Angry? Stressed out? 5 workouts to boost your mood

Centr Team

Not in the mood to work out? No such thing. Take it from Ingrid Clay: a workout is the ultimate mood-changer – a more constructive use of your time than sitting around grumbling or worrying.

“What I love about fitness is that you can walk into a workout feeling one way and walk out feeling completely different,” says Ingrid. “It’s a moment for you. You can use it however you want – to check out, to let loose, to pound out your frustrations, to find that stillness.”

“Yes, you’re making your body stronger, but you’re also releasing all of these feel-good chemicals that can reduce the pain you’re feeling or lift your mood. Put in 20 or 30 minutes of sweat and you get SO much back.”

These quick workouts won’t just suit your current mood, they’ll change it for the better. So how are you feeling right now? Let’s find your perfect fit.

Centr Trainer Luke Zocchi stands arms crossed and smiles at the camera.

1. Angry or frustrated

Whatever it was that got your temperature boiling, sitting and ruminating on it is only going to make you angrier. Luke has a trick to break the circuit: his 8-minute Quick HIIT EMOM blast is short and explosive, so there’s no time for thinking, only moving. That fool who cut you off in traffic? They’ll be forgotten after the first minute.

Tahl Rinsky performs a hip flexor stretch during a Centr yoga session.

2. Stressed out

Mind jumping from one worry to the next? Tension headache building? Tahl has the antidote. Her 30-minute Strong & Grounded dynamic yoga flow is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin: leave you feeling strong and more settled. It will also release those physical pockets of stress in your shoulders and hips. Ahhh.

Centr HILIT trainer Alexz Parvi smiles and holds up two light dumbbells.

3. Sad and low

When you’re feeling flat, you usually default to doing nothing. But the quickest way to turn your day around is by moving with Alexz. Her HILIT Booster: Endorphin Rush workout is made up of just three moves that will raise your heart rate, get those endorphins flowing and help you step off the mat feeling good in just 12 minutes.

Bobby Holland Hanton sits smiling on an exercise mat with his legs folded and his arms resting on his legs.

4. Lacking energy

Wondering how you’re going to make it through the afternoon? Here’s a tip: a warm-up won’t just get you ready for a workout. You can also use a session like Bobby’s Upper-body Pump Up for a little boost of energy whenever you need it. How does that work? Movement gets blood traveling around your body, which carries oxygen, which delivers energy. Boom! The upper-body movement will feel particularly helpful if you’ve been hunched over a keyboard all day.

Centr Pilates trainer Sylvia Roberts, kneels on a mat and stretches a Centr stretch strap over her head.

5. Stiff and sore

Maybe it’s the after-effects of a weekend hike. Maybe you helped a buddy move house or you’ve just been sitting for too long. Whatever brought it on, it’s hard to feel good mentally when your body is feeling tight, stiff or sore. Simply grab a stretch strap (or a towel) and hit the mat to unwind with Sylvia’s Release & Lengthen stretching session.

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