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7 mindset tools to level up your performance

Centr Team

Running your first 5k. Lifting your heaviest weight ever. Nailing that job interview. Getting through the day without putting yourself down.

Achieving any of these things starts with your mindset.

And just like you warm up for a workout or prep healthy meals for the week ahead, you can lay the groundwork for optimum mental and physical performance by preparing your mind.

Ready to build a strong mental foundation and bring your best? Try these hacks to get into the zone.

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1. Start Where You Are

What do you want to achieve this year? If you’ve set yourself a big goal or you’re about to start something from scratch, tune in with Jess to unlock an empowered mindset of growth.

Best for those moments when… you’re feeling stuck or a long way from where you want to be.

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2. Let Go of Resentment

What could you achieve if you freed up some mental energy? Resentment drains you of the focus you need to chase your goals and appreciate your progress. Hanging onto grudges can lead to chronic stress, with physical impacts including high blood pressure, loss of muscle mass and even premature aging. So instead of letting resentment hold you back, join Tahl to find your way to forgiveness.

Best for those moments when… you need to let go in order to move forward.

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3. Stop Negative Self-talk

“I can’t do it.” “I look like a complete fraud.” “I’m not the kind of person who succeeds.” Negative self-talk like this is a one-way street to missed opportunities and stifled potential. Constantly putting yourself down – even if it’s only in your mind – can lead to plummeting motivation and productivity levels, as well as decreased physical performance. But the good news is, positive self-talk will help you do the opposite.

Best for those moments when… you need some real talk. Forget generic affirmations – Bobby will help you cut to the core of what’s driving negative self-talk and then interrupt the cycle.

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4. Your Mental Warm-up

You warm up your muscles, so why wouldn’t you warm up your mind? When you’re ready to take it to the next level, do what the pros do: visualize it. Visualization is used by some of the world's best athletes to improve performance, and Torre is here to help you harness it.

Best for those moments when… you’re aiming to hit a PB or about to attempt something new in your training.

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5. Set Today's Intentions

You’ve got things you want to smash today. How do you get it done? Hack your mindset by starting your day with breathwork and set yourself up for success. All it takes is 5 minutes – Tahl will lead you through it.

Best for those moments when… you’re short on time and big on things to do today.

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6. Let Go of Perfectionism

The enemy of progress is perfection. Getting caught up in the “if I can’t do it right, I won’t do it at all” school of thinking leads to procrastination, self-doubt, and stops us from celebrating small wins and progress. And that’s exactly why Fabrice has fine-tuned this meditation to free you from perfectionism, so you can start kicking goals.

Best for those moments when… you need a reminder to let yourself off the hook and just get on with things.

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7. Power Sleep: The Endless Beach

You know you’re not at your best, mentally or physically, when you’re underslept. But good quality sleep is more than just a refresh – it cleans out your brain, helps you lock in new information, regulates mood, boosts your immune system, gives muscle a chance to grow and reduces your risk of injury. So if you’re not getting enough, start by hitting play on this sleep visualization with Chris (it comes highly recommended from our members). As your sleep improves, you’ll start feeling and performing better in your workouts and life.

Best for those moments when… you need help relaxing into sleep, and staying asleep.

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