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Not a morning person? 9 tips to wake up happier

Centr Team

Wake up call: You can train yourself to become a morning person. It's like any strength workout program: you might not be able to manage deadlifts or pull-ups when you start, but as you build muscle with resistance training exercises, the things that used to be a challenge just become everyday.

It's like that, but for your wake-up habits. The right habits determine whether you rise and shine, rise and fall, or in some cases, don’t rise at all (been there).

So, hands off that snooze button. We're going to kick-start your wake-up training program so you’ll never utter the words “five more minutes” again. Our nine tips will have you springing out of bed with a bigger energy burst than a plyo push-up.

1. No screens or no sleep

You can beg, plead, hope, and wish for it to be untrue, but the fact of the matter is that light from your screens before bed confuses your brain, disrupts your internal clock and leaves you feeling groggy in the morning – not to mention cutting into valuable rest time. So stop scrolling on Insta, crawl out of that Twitter black hole and say goodnight to Netflix about an hour earlier – a binge before bed is best avoided.

2. Rhythm of the night

When it comes to our nighttime and morning routines, there’s no mucking around. Getting into a rhythm of waking up at the same time each day is crucial in training your internal clock. In fact, it’s so effective in helping you become a morning person that eventually you won’t even need to rely on an alarm. Now isn’t that a dream?

3. The drinking game

It’s no surprise that when you sleep you can become dehydrated. Think about it: you don’t consume water or food for eight hours straight. This can cause you to wake up groggy, with low energy levels and a dry throat and mouth. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix. Keep a bottle of water by your bed so you can refresh and rehydrate first thing in the morning and break through that funk. Simple, yet very effective.

4. Rise and shine

You do the rising and let the sun do its shining. After you’ve had a big gulp of water, open up the blinds and let there be light. Soaking up some sun will encourage your body to wake up naturally. Your body clock will get used to this, making it easier as time goes on.

Sylvia Roberts and Tahl Rinsky doing yoga inside.

Feel sluggish? Energize your mornings with yoga or Pilates.

5. Move it!

Get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing to your muscles by waking up to a workout. Whether you hit the ground running for steady-state full-body cardio or ease into your favorite resistance band exercises, you should get moving. Centr makes this a breeze, because you can go straight from bed to a quick high-intensity interval workout without getting out of your pajamas (OK, maybe put on some sneakers). Try an Ashley Joi full-body workout and you'll see what we mean. If you need to start slow, go for Tahl Rinsky's yoga moves or some dynamic stretching. Not only will your exercise be ticked off for the day, but you’ll be feeling recharged and in charge.

6. The coffee wars

If coffee plays a key role in your morning meal plan, you’re gonna have to whip out the willpower for this one. It sounds a little strange seeing as coffee is a stimulant and all, but one of the best things you can do for yourself in your quest to become a morning person is to let your body wake up naturally. Wait an hour or two before brewing a cup of Joe (you can do it, we believe in you!) and you’ll avoid becoming dependent on caffeine. This allows your body to get back into a regular routine of its own.

7. Snooze you lose

Yeah, you know where we’re going with this one. As much as a snooze sesh feels like the right decision at the time, it’s likely to leave you feeling more tired than before, even inducing a feeling of fogginess that can last for ages. Your body has natural sleep cycles, and by continually snoozing you’re depriving yourself of receiving their full restorative benefits. Hack: try keeping your alarm on the other side of the room.

8. Get more sleep

Obviously. But there’s more logic to it than you think. Getting your recommended eight hours actually makes you more productive throughout the day, so if you’re heading to bed late because ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day,’ think about reshuffling your priorities. More sleep has other benefits: want to know how to curb sugar cravings? Turns out, sleep plays a big part.

9. Meditate

Centr isn't just about weightlifting and cardio HIIT workouts: we also build strength mentally. We encourage meditation on Centr because of its abilities to help you focus, clear your head, and set you up for a positive day. Plus, without that snooze button eating up your morning, you won't have the old "I don't have time" excuse. Centr gently introduces you to practical meditation with the best experts in the world, and it’ll change your mornings. Scrap that – it’ll change your life!

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