Centr trainers Luke Zocchi, Alexz Parvi, Sylvia Roberts, Tahl Rinsky and Ingrid Clay.
Centr Team

5 ways to do strength training at home with Centr

Centr Team

Whatever your strength goals, there’s more than one way to get there. Will you be building muscle with classic strength training exercises like curls and rows, or doing yoga for core strength? With Centr, the choice is yours

Adding variety to your strength training routine is not just a way to beat boredom – you’ll be stimulating different muscle groups, increasing functional strength, optimizing your conditioning and endurance, and avoiding the dreaded results plateau.

It’s time to turn your strength up to 11. Let’s take a look at the ways you can refresh your strength training at home with Centr – and get your muscles pumping with workouts from our experts.

All of the workouts here are fully coached, meaning your trainers will be talking to you through every move and working out alongside you all the way.

Luke Zocchi performs bicep curls with large dumbbells.

All-muscle strength and cardio with Luke Zocchi

Buckle up, because Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer is here to put your results on the fast track. Luke’s super efficient HIIT HIRT Strength workouts will challenge your muscles and spike your heart rate to burn fat and build strength. Simply grab your dumbbells and select the training intensity that’s right for you.

Try it now: Strength meets cardio in Luke’s epic Upper-body Level Up workout.

Ingrid Clay performs an overhead press with a heavy dumbbell.

Totally targeted strength with Ingrid Clay

If you have taken on our 6-week program Centr Sculpted you've already had a taste of the strength powerhouse that is Ingrid Clay. Now let this former competitive bodybuilder show you exactly what she’s made of with HIIT HIRT Strength workouts designed to help you target key body goals and forge strong results.

Try it now: Hit play on Ingrid’s Total-body Burn workout to target your arms, shoulders and beyond.

Tahl Rinsky does a side plank in a large, light-filled studio.

Dynamic mind & body with Tahl Rinsky

Don’t be fooled by the child’s pose. When it comes to creating real strength, Tahl Rinsky will make you work. Build a strong mind to go with that strong and agile body by rolling out the mat for Tahl's Dynamic Yoga classes. Plus if you’ve just crushed a big week of lifting weights, Tahl’s Yin Yoga sessions are the perfect active recovery sessions to release tight muscles and restore mobility.

Try it now: Never done yoga before? Tah’s Poses for Beginners will help you find your feet on the mat.

Sylvia Roberts does bicycle crunches in a large, light-filled studio.

Strength in motion with Sylvia Roberts

Is Pilates strength training? Ask your core that question after a session with Sylvia. You’ll awaken muscles you never knew you had as her exercises challenge you in all new ways, ultimately helping you move better in everything you do. If you’ve never tried Pilates, Sylvia’s beginner session will introduce you to the body-conditioning benefits of this training style.

Try it now: Strengthen and mobilize your back, core and glutes with Sylvia’s High Roller Pilates workout.

Alexz Parvi performs a lunge with overhead dumbbells in a studio apartment.

Amped up HILIT with Alexz Parvi

You can fire up Alexz’s signature HILIT style with dumbbells, or keep it bodyweight. Either way, it’s a feel-strong blast. HILIT is high-intensity, low-impact training that delivers a serious burn for top-to-toe body toning power. (It’s also great if you have downstairs neighbors.)

Try it now: Add a resistance band to double the burn in just 5 minutes with Alexz’s functional Cardio Strong workout.

There’s more than one way to get strong. Discover them all by starting your free trial at Centr.com today.

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