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Speed, power, strength: Your tennis workout plan

Centr Team

If you’re inspired to hit the court every time a big tennis tournament rolls around, you’re not alone. An estimated 100,000 Brits took up tennis in the months after Emma Raducanu’s slam victory. And it’s believed that around 8 percent of the US populationhas graced a tennis court at least once in their life – that’s 23.8 million players..

Whether you’re a regular player or just enjoy a social hit, one of the best ways to boost your performance is through a cross-training workout for tennis players.

Cross-training involves mixing up your routine with complementary exercises that support key muscle groups and help you achieve the strength, speed, balance, agility and endurance needed for the sport.

Before you send down your next serve, train like a pro with these tennis conditioning workouts.


Shoulder strength training for an impressive serve

To power up your serve, you need to work your shoulders, arms and back. This home strength workout will help you generate more torque, for added power and control. A HIIT/HIRT finisher will also help you stay light on your feet when your opponent rips that serve right back.

Luke Zocchi and Alexz Parvi stand side-by-side and strike a fists-up boxing style, in the workout studio.

HIIT tennis workout for cardio power

The longest men’s match at a major tennis tournament was an 11-hour epic. Even if you’re not on the court for that long, you still need big cardio capacity to stay in the contest.

This no-equipment HIIT workout with Luke and Alexz kicks off with a lateral run and doesn’t let up. The boxing-style upper-body focus will also help build agility through the shoulders – so you can take the big shots with confidence.

Bobby Holland Hanton  performs a side lunge to the right, looking focused.

Plyometric conditioning for tennis players

When your opponent places a drop shot just over the net, you need to bounce forward with speed and power.

Bobby’s plyometrics workouts are perfect for building that blend of agility and explosive full-body strength. Your cardio and endurance will also be challenged.

Luke Zocchi stands in front of a dark metal grey roller door, holding a dumbbell in each hand in a bicep curl, looking at the camera.

Total-body strength for a solid ground game

Want to keep up with the big hitters? Weight training will help you build total-body, functional strength for more powerful groundstrokes and increase muscle endurance for those long rallies and tie breaks.

Luke Zocchi performs a half plank on his left side, with right arm raised above him, and Luke looking up at his raised hand.

Core exercises for tennis players

Not maximizing your momentum? Unsteady when on the move? Need more power or accuracy in your serve and groundstrokes?

Your core powers it all. A strong core will also protect your back, which can be a common problem for tennis players. Hit the mat with Luke to build up core strength, stability and rotational agility.

Tahl Rinsky performs pigeon pose outside in a garden in the early morning sunrise.

Yin Yoga for flexibility and mental focus

Are you the type of player who can’t help but play the game over and over in your head? Try this slow-flow yoga session with Tahl the night before a big match to de-stress and clear your mind. It will also help release any training tension from your m muscles – leaving you feeling flexible and ready for whatever your opponent serves up.

Before you take to the court, show your wrists some love by warming up those joints and strengthening supporting muscles with Tahl.

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