Centr trainer Alexz Parvi wearing gym wear, performs an upward dog on a yoga mat in the park.
Alexz Parvi

5 recovery tools Alexz uses to supercharge results

Alexz Parvi

As a trainer, I get a lot of questions about what it takes to get results. How heavy should my weights be? Am I squatting properly? Do my quads look good in these shorts? (Of course they do!)

But the one thing I’m not asked enough about is recovery.

While all hard work is important, how you recover is just as crucial for getting results. Recovery is the bridge between putting in the sweat on one side and progress on the other. And a good recovery routine should include everything from taking your rest days to managing your stress levels and fueling your body.

Here are 5 ways I prioritize movement, meals and mind to unwind, recover and come back stronger.

Centr Trainer Sylvia Roberts sits smiling on an exercise mat.

1. Stretching: The Three R's

The three steps to getting your butt back on the workout mat: release tightness, restore range of motion, and of course, recover.

I hit play on this low-intensity session with our Pilates expert Sylvia on rest days to throw off any soreness and get moving again – and it never fails to make my body feel better.

Centr Trainer Ingrid Clay rolls out her upper back on a Centr foam roller.

2. Roll & Release

It’s a big call, but the foam roller has to be up there with dumbbells and fabric bands as my top three favorite pieces of fitness equipment.

You can use it to release muscle tension after a workout, or on a rest day to target those sore spots. This foam roller session with Ingrid is full body – and believe me when I tell you she hits all the key muscles.

A hand holds up a glass cube to the sky.

3. Basic Box Breathing

Breathwork is not just for meditation – it can actually calm down your nervous system and kick-start recovery after an intense workout. That’s why it’s part of the cool-downs in Centr Circuit: Elevate.

The box breathing technique is simple and super effective. Tahl will talk you through finding those long, slow and deep breaths that your body needs to move into recovery mode.

A full yellow Moon partially obscured by a tree. Half of the image has a translucent overlay denoting the Power Sleep series.

4. Power Sleep: Release a Tough Day

I’m one of those early to bed and early to rise people. Why? Because sleep is your body’s secret recovery superpower. It doesn’t matter if you’re building muscle or training to run a marathon, your body and mind uses this time to do a lot of essential cleaning, repair and growth work.

However, if you’ve heard me talk, you can probably guess that this mind of mine likes to run at a million miles per hour – so switching off this brain at the end of the day in order to get to sleep can be tough. This is where breathing comes in, again.

It’s a tool you can use to send signals of calm to your mind, helping you to wind down and drift off. And that’s exactly what Chris will help you do with this dreamy slice of audio.

A serving of Bircher Muesli, topped with fresh blueberries, a recipe from the Centr meal plan.

5. Bircher Muesli

You do not want to let me loose in your kitchen – it will not end well! But even I can’t go wrong with this no-cook Bircher Muesli.

It’s the perfect post-workout breakfast, with a good mix of carbs and protein to restore your energy and support muscle recovery. Hot tip: make a few days’ worth in one go, so your chilled breakfast will be ready and waiting for you after working up a sweat.

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Alexz Parvi

Pocket rocket Alexz Parvi’s HILIT circuits will make you sweat and shake to shape, define and tone. Certified personal trainer and founder of cult fitness studio Hustl in Australia’s Byron Bay and Gold Coast, she’s also a certified teacher of barre, and mat and reformer Pilates.

Alexz Parvi


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