An image of the legs of 2 soccer players midaction, vying for control of a soccer  ball.
Centr Team

4 workouts to level up your soccer training plan

Centr Team

Did you know over 1 billion people tune in to watch the Women’s World Cup? That’s right, BILLION. Add in an estimated 270 million participants around the globe, and you start to understand why they call soccer ‘the world game’.

If you’re ready for kick-off, we’re drawing on the combined superpowers of cross-training and the women of Centr to deliver your ultimate soccer workout plan.

You never know – a World Cup call up could be closer than you think.

Centr trainer Silvia Roberts, and Elsa Pataky perform donkey kicks together.

Pilates for mobility and precision

To reach for the big kicks in soccer, it’s super important that your hip flexors are strong and mobile, and your glutes have the power to follow through.

This workout with Centr expert Sylvia Roberts and Elsa Pataky will help you target those muscles, and Pilates in general is a great addition to your routine for mobility, precision and maintaining an injury-free body.

Centr trainers Maricris Lapaix, Ingrid Clay and Luke Zocchi playfully pose with dumbbells for the camera.

HIIT HIRT Strength for serious leg strength

Surging down the field, kicking a penalty (and saving a penalty), making a challenge for the ball – it all requires serious propulsive power from your legs.

Load up the weights and focus on your lower body to build up your leg strength with our strength expert Ingrid Clay.

Centr trainer Tahl Rinsky, wearing turquoise yoga gear, sits crossed legged in the yoga studio, looking down at the camera.

PowerFlow yoga for stamina

Soccer demands staying power. The average professional will run 7-10 miles in a game, so having solid breathing techniques in your arsenal could definitely give your performance a boost.

Tahl’s hybrid yoga style (which also incorporates functional, strength and cardio work) will amp up your breathing power and flexibility. If you’re new to yoga, follow the modifications and give the mindfulness practice at the end a go – so you can bring your mental best to the pitch, too.

Centr trainer Alexz Parvi performs a side lunge with a small dumbbell held at chest height.

HILIT for impact-free strength

While Alexz gives your joints a break with this high-intensity, low-impact workout, she’ll be revving up the strength in your glutes and those small stabilizer muscles that give you your balance.

So the next time an opponent attempts to tackle you and steal the ball, there’s no way they’ll be breaking through that rock-solid wall.

Fluffy yellow balls more your speed? We have your tennis workout plan covered, too.


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