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Say goodnight with Power Sleep by Chris Hemsworth

Centr Team

A better tomorrow begins tonight with Power Sleep, the NEW audio series narrated by Chris Hemsworth and designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and improve your sleep.

From visualization to breathwork to meditative soundscapes, discover 7 sleep-enhancing audios and wake up primed to beat brain fog, optimize your physical potential and avoid injury, one night at a time.

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Rest, recover and repeat with Power Sleep

From cultivating mental clarity to maximizing physical performance, a refined sleep routine can make a huge difference on your body and mind.

Each piece of audio in the Power Sleep series is backed by sleep experts and has been designed to help you rest smarter and rise stronger. We’ve used different techniques – including mindfulness, breathwork and ASMR – to help you unlock your physical and mental potential through the rejuvenating power of sleep.

How you listen is up to you: hit play on a Power Sleep piece targeted to your specific issue, or try them all to discover what works for you. Whatever you choose, Chris’s calming voice will be your guide the whole way through.

So, what’s in the series? Let’s dive under the covers…

Gentle waves on a quiet sandy beach.

UNLOCKED: The endless beach

Sleep visualization takes the thinking your mind is really good at and uses it to help you relax. So sink your toes into the sand and visualize the bliss of a white sandy beach with Chris, and drift off to the sound of lapping waves.

A street light shines in the darkness.

UNLOCKED: SOS return to sleep

When you're wide awake in the middle of the night, Chris will help you set the stage to sleep again.

It's not unusual to wake in the night, but your attitude plays a key role in your ability to return to sleep. This meditation will help to calm your nervous system and give sleep the best chance to happen.

An orange sunset masked by an expanse of fluffy clouds.

MEMBERS ONLY: Bring on tomorrow

Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal and rejuvenate – and it all happens while we’re asleep. In this meditation, Chris will help you rest easy – knowing your body will take care of the journey into tomorrow.

Rolling sand dunes at sunset.

MEMBERS ONLY: Journey into sleep

Take an ASMR-inspired journey into time and space in this sleep story with Chris.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) can be triggered by certain sounds, causing people to experience pleasant and relaxing sensations.

Sand raked into form a perfect circle in the middle of the image.

MEMBERS ONLY: Calm your worried mind

Is overthinking keeping you awake? Repeat after Chris: I will let sleep come…

The repetition in this sleep meditation can help reduce activity in the cerebral cortex to calm your mind, while the slow wave music mimics the brain patterns of deep sleep.

A pillow on a bed bathed in sunlight.

MEMBERS ONLY: Wake-up energy

How you wake is an underrated part of a healthy sleep routine – getting up at the same time each day and soaking in the morning light helps to keep your circadian rhythms in sync and supercharge your days. Switch on your mind and senses as Chris helps you tap into calm energy to start your day right.

A full yellow Moon partially obscured by a tree.

MEMBERS ONLY: Release a tough day

Follow Chris's lead with a relaxing breathing technique designed to help you drift off and reset your energy for tomorrow. Switching off can be difficult after a tough day, but breathing can send signals of calm and safety to your brain, allowing sleep to come.

Want to learn more about the science of sleep?

We want you to get the best rest of your life and start enjoying all the benefits of quality sleep. But there's a lot of misinformation about sleep out there, so we’ve rounded up the latest research to help you rest easy.

Disclaimer: This content is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. If you have experienced sleep issues for three months or more, are facing excessive drowsiness that causes safety concerns, frequently snore loudly, or have been observed having difficulty breathing during sleep, please seek qualified medical advice. For a list of registered healthcare providers worldwide specializing in behavioral sleep medicine, please visit The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine.


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